Pilz are well known as one of the UK's leading suppliers of machinery safety equipment, software, training and consultancy services  - you will find a selection featured in the New LC Automation 2014/15 Product Catalogue.

A great selection of Pilz products, including their range of safety products, are listed in the New LC Automation 2014/15 Product Catalogue. Download the full catalogue or specific catalogue sections below or click here to request your own, no-obligation printed copy (UK business users only).

Pilz products in the New LC Automation 2014/15 Product Catalogue

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Pilz background information and whitepapers

Pilz PAScal safety calculation software

Pilz PNOZ safety relays

PSS Programmable safety and control systems

Pilz PNOZ Multi modular safety system

Pilz PNOZX emergency stop relays

Pilz PSEN - Non-contact safety switches

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This is just a selection of the Pilz products that we can supply. If you can't find the items you are looking for, don't hesitate to call LC Automation on 01254 685900 and we will be happy to help specify the correct Pilz products for your application.

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